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Gina Mimms

The Rotary Club of Mariposa Yosemite is pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 Promotional Art Contest.  Artist Gina Mims painted "Wine Time," which will be used for all of the publicity surrounding this year's Art, Wine & Wheels event on the grounds of the Mariposa County Courthouse on Saturday, May 28th, 11:00-5:00.
Gina Mims is a California native who relocated from Orange County to Ahwahnee in 2013. Upon moving to the area, Gina began painting again after an almost 20-year hiatus. She is the owner of Inspiro Brands and works with clients remotely but makes it a priority to paint whenever possible.
Gina works with acrylic on canvas, using a combination of both brush and palette knife.  She paints as an “escape” and wants that feeling to transcend into her art. Her main desire is to give people who view her work a sense of peace and tranquility.
Since 2019 Gina has been the president of Yosemite Sierra Artists and welcomes all interested  to “Come Make Art with Us!” For more information visit
Gina has a gallery at Oakhurst Spirits Distillery which is open Fri & Sat 2-7 and Sunday 12-5 pm. She’ll also be showing her art there during Sierra Art Trails the first two weekends of October.
To view her work, visit



"En plain air"

One of the "Artists in Action" at the festival on May 28th is Penny Otwell.  Stop by and say, "Hello!"
Penny chooses to paint where she lives, here in the Sierra Nevada.  Otwell begins a painting working "en plain air," and occasionally finishing completely in the field.  She says her paintings are not a "record" but a manifestation of her feelings about the place or subject while she is there.
"Something about the available light is usually my guide.  Over time, I've become a keen observer of nature by painting in the outdoors.  Currently I am leaning to the abstract, the 'what if' constantly pulling at my sleeve."  



Gold Jewelry

Martin Foden shares that "all the pieces we make are dedicated to the memory of Geophrey Foden, my brother and one of the finest design and manufacturing jewelers to ever come out of Africa. I create Safari and wildlife themed jewelry.  This includes artistic leather animal heads mounted on leather-patterned African shapes, and  Elephant hair knot bracelets in copper and precious metals."



Paintings and Pottery

These two very talented Mariposa women, Hannelore Fisher and Sue Overstreet, will share a booth at the Mariposa Yosemite Rotary Art, Wine & Wheels event on May 28th.



Doris Mathison and Diane Kinner

Doris has a background in oils and Diane, in acrylic.  But their true love is using seed beads, crystals, stones and other materials in their unique jewelry.  Look for them on May 28th at the Courthouse.



Print Maker

Santiago Palacio is new to our Mariposa Yosemite Rotary Art, Wine & Wheels with his original linocut prints of iconic Sierra Nevada and Yosemite places. " I like to share this form of art with people, and so  I will have my manual press and be printing live to display the way this art form is created."  Stop by his booth on May 28th to say "Hello," and learn something new.



Digital and Traditional Artist

Emma Louise Constable (Artisticfacade) is another new artist at the Art, Wine & Wheels event on May 28th.  Emma says, "I am getting my AA in Digital Art and Studio Art.  I specialize in portraiture but enjoy sketching and painting nature.  I use gouache to created dynamic portraits and landscape; I create logos for clients; and I am now a published illustrator of a children's book.  My artistic goal is to become a concept artist and game developer."



Rebecca and Renis Harvey

Rebecca and Renis Harvey of Photo Op, will delight your senses with beautiful photography. These two residents of Coulterville develop their work on different mediums, using acrylic face mounts; metal; canvas; framed and matted prints.



Sewed Stuffies and Painted rocks and jewelry

Bring the kids by to see Pearl's Pets!  Pearl Louise Spearman’s friends call her Louise. She has been sewing for many years, having learned the art from her mother.  She hand-makes all of the stuffies you will see at her booth. Therefore, there is only one of each item she creates. There may be similar brothers and sisters to animals, but no two are exactly alike. 
You will also find Jack’s slate painting, local rock artwork and jewelry.




Lisa Sullivan of The Misty Oak handcrafts silver, bronze and copper jewelry. " I incorporate fused/dichroic glass onto my creations.  I also display my husband’s recycled wine bottle wind chimes."

279563261_7487916657917240_3356019515252683398_n (1).jpg


Dawn Jackson

Dawn Jackson of Leatherwork Unlimited/Oasis Canteens-has been doing leatherwork and beading since she was 9 years old.  Her father got her started with a handful of leatherworking tools. She did an apprenticeship under a sandal maker, John Hill, and learned beadwork from Della Hern.  Her love of both has turned hobby into full-time business.

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Bobby Lyden devotes her artistic talent to watercolor painting of scenes from America’s rural communities.  Her art captures the warmth and stillness of old structures on a rugged American landscape and arouses our unique memories of the beauty of our land.  She began her artistic education and training in Southern California over thirty years ago.  Her work has reflected a variety of subjects and media, but for the last 16 years, Bobby has concentrated on her first love, scenes of rural America rendered in watercolor.  Bobby moved to Mariposa in 1997, but had visited the area frequently for many years before relocating here. 
Her work brings a warmth and nostalgia to visitors, making us feel like we have returned home. (Sierra Art Trails)




I enjoyed acrylics a lot, but watercolor was really my favorite medium-I love its fluid and expressive character.  During the 25 years we lived and worked in Yosemite, I had many opportunities to paint plein air, but also from photos that Gary or I took.  While working at the Ahwahnee Hotel, in a small room where severs could relax on breaks I started hanging some of my paintings and selling originals or prints to my fellow employees.
See more of her work on our Facebook page.



Fiber Arts

After having had a successful career as a choral musician, I retired from the musical arts to an ‘encore’ career in fiber arts.  As I’d  traveled with various music groups, I found myself attracted to the local textile art.  Textiles became my other artistic love.
With my husband, also a musician, I own Wild Fire Ranch in Coulterville, and run about 35 head of sheep.  I am a hand spinner and weaver, and I use fiber from my own flock for some of my creations, as well as cotton, bamboo, silk and tencel.  I specialize in wearable art and enjoy the interplay of color in weaving.  I find that weaving is like watercolor painting because the fiber and colors layer to make new combinations when you are creating a woven piece.  This is the serendipity and the magic of weaving.



Dena Hight

Together, The Beaded Artists have a combined beading experience of over 50 years! Wearing interesting jewelry pieces invites conversations and ultimately interactions with people. To us, that is the best part. We say, “WEAR YOUR JOY!"
See more of her work on our Facebook page.



Jane Jewett

Wearable art is what The Beaded Artists, Jane Jewett and Dena Hight, work to achieve. They specialize in beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. All pieces are made with quality beads, stones and crystals.




Carolie Jensen celebrates that she is in the Yosemite Renaissance 37 with my Pine Needle Basket, “Alter Gateway.”  She says, "For the Festival I will be selling Pine Needle baskets, Memory Catchers and Coasters.  In addition, I will have original paintings on canvas and barn wood planks.  I will also have unique designed t-shirts (I created the artwork that is screen printed on the shirts).
I love creating unique and beautiful things, and I am able to do this with my basketry and painting.  I have been painting and drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and brush.  Eva Katz gave me lessons in oil painting from the age of 7 until she passed away when I was 12.  She left all of her painting supplies to me.  I had a bit more formal training during my high school days, as well as commercial artistry at PCC Jr. College.  My inspiration comes from my travels in the US and Europe.  Wonderful landscapes are available everywhere.
All of the baskets are made from oiled pine needles and a wooden or pine needle base, or Gourd Base.  Some are embellished with natural stone, bone or metals. The only synthetic item on the baskets is artificial sinew for the thread."




Jennifer Fosgate will once again be exhibiting her equine art and Sierra Nevada Impressions at this year's Art, Wine & Wheels Festival.  Paintings and drawings, both large and small, will be available in watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, pencil and ink washes.  In addition to her paintings and drawings, Jennifer will have her novel "When Cow Pies Bloom," and both of her children's books available for purchase.  "Alphabet Trot" and "All the Pretty Little Horses" are illustrated with images from her equine art collection, which is available at

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Italian Creek Designs

Italian Creek Designs returns!  Saralynn Nusbaum designs jewelry that is well made, comfortable, and has a positive connection to the wearer. She works in gold, copper, sterling silver and semi-precious stones.
Inspired by a friend’s designs and encouraged by my husband Don, I began making jewelry about ten years ago.  I would describe my style as bohemian-influenced but elegant.  I often mix metals and incorporate leather in my designs.  I make what I like, not what I think will have market appeal. I love the colors, textures, and the elegance of making this jewelry.  This work has been a gift to me and over the years creating jewelry has provided a much needed balance to my professional life.  Now that I am retired I am able to devote more of my energy to this creative pursuit. 
Both Don and I are natives of the San Francisco bay area.  We purchased our Mariposa property about thirteen years ago.   The beauty of this place inspires my designs and my work as an artist has connected me to this community.




Lisa McElroy is a professional artist specializing in handmade functional pottery.  She grew up in Aptos, CA, and currently resides in Morgan Hill.  She was born into a creative and artistic family, but her first exposure to pottery was in high school.  Years later, after raising her own family, she rediscovered her passion for ceramics.  Now her days are filled with creating unique pieces ranging from beautiful tableware to decorative garden art items.  Whether the piece is wheel thrown or slab built, Lisa’s work is always one-of-a-kind and sure to be something cherished for years to come.




The Rusty Spur.    Raised on a ranch on the coast of Central California, Charles Phillips has a special passion for photographing ranch life for future generations.  He is a photographer for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in his spare time.  Charles gives photography workshops and acts as a guide for TV and movie crews scouting for locations in the Sierra.  He is a member of the Sierra Nevada Geo Tourism Council for the Yosemite Region, working with the National Geographic Society, Sierra Business Council and Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
Charles’ work can sometimes be spotted on national and local TV stations, and his photography was recently featured in “Cowboys and Indians” and “Sunset” magazines.




Ken Davis of Chain Link Enterprises creates beautiful one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.  Ken crafts chain-link designs in metal, beads and more.



Natasha Graham

Natasha Graham of Yosemite Flower Farm, her husband and their dog live on a beautiful small farm in the mountains near Yosemite National Park. They offer seasonal bouquets of fresh and dried flowers, and much more! Natasha makes flower mobiles, and her husband carves beautiful wood-carved spoons and vases. Learn more about Yosemite Flower Farm, and Natasha's talents



Fiber art and quilts

Cynthe Eichhorst creates unique fiber art and quilts, working on a domestic machine using the “free motion” quilting method.  Cynthe lives in Chowchilla with husband David, but comes up to Mariposa to show her creations at The Company Store.




Born in Madera to third generation California farmers and ranchers, Monica Lasgoity’s landscapes tend to be local and part of her personal history. Monica focuses on Western landscapes and life moments. For Monica, painting is a wonderful exploration of light, shadows, color, and brushstrokes.  She describes her figure pieces as providing a little window into other peoples’ lives.




With locally sourced oak and manzanita gathered from his property in Mariposa, Michael Stoffan of MAD Design creates one-of-a-kind wood pieces.  His creations include beautifully finished ornaments, bottle-stoppers and fan-pulls.



Various Artists

The Made in Mariposa initiative promotes the local agriculture, manufacturing, and artist-based businesses of Mariposa County.

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Mariposa Fire-Killed Manzanita Hiking Sticks

Are you looking for a magnificent walking stick with lots of character?  Here they are.  These Mariposa Fire-Killed Manzanita Hiking Sticks were designed and created by Fred Leverentz, woodworker.  You will find them in Booth 30 with Hannelore Fischer and Sue Overstreet.



"En Plein Air"

Frank Vigneri will demonstrate, en plein air, techniques used to create his award-winning watercolors and Sumi-e Ink works. He will also do some paintings using wine.  Look for his cart!
"My first art experience was at age 8 with a small sculpture that was exhibited in a class project at The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, NE.
My continuing education was always being an art aajor, until at Long Beach State when I was in the painting class with my big, round canvas that was 8 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. The instructed said; ''Oh, we just don't do those here; only make rectangles!''  That was my last day in school.
I had gallery representation in LA in the early 60s, and then we moved to San Francisco where I started doing Acrylic Sculpture and had a one man show at the Mavina Miller Gallery. I shared a studio with artist James Grant and we did polyester resin sculpture commissions together.
In 1981 Anne and I teamed up to design and make ''Sculpture To Wear.'' We are pioneers in the use of Plexiglas as their material for Art-to-Wear Jewelry.  We worked together to create one.of.a.kind designs using an industrial material in ways that had never been seen before. 




Look for these whimsical birdhouses at Booth #37, when you visit Bobby Lyden and Reva Colliver.  Jack Winters is a recently retired electrician and County Inspector. He just discovered he has a creative talent in woodworking.  Enjoy his irresistable birdhouses—one of them has your name on it! Kippy Walls-Winters

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We are very fortunate to have two local art organizations and their artists exhibiting in the 2022 Rotary Club of Mariposa Yosemite Art, Wine & Wheels Festival. One of those is the YOSEMITE SIERRA ARTISTS.
You can come and see the creations of Cathy Desch, Jan Neal and Vicki Thomas, who, along with our Featured Artist Gina Mims (2022 President), will be present on the 28th to chat with you about their painting (and books) and tell you about their activities.

Yosemite Sierra Artists (formerly Yosemite Western Artists) was founded in 1971 by a group of artists and art enthusiasts interested in sharing their work, their experience, and their passion for learning more about the arts. The organization flourished and continues today as a community-sponsored enterprise dedicated to the development of the visual arts.
Portrait Group: Meets weekly via Zoom. Please visit our Live Model Group page for details
Plein-Air: Meets monthly with strict social distancing guidelines. For details please visit our Plein-Air Group page
Photo Group: Meets virtually on Facebook and monthly on Zoom.
Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision: Meets virtually on Facebook and monthly on Zoom.


The 2022 winning art is “Wine Time” by Gina Mims.  Stop by to congratulate her at her booth by the Courthouse steps.
Since 2019 Gina has been the president of Yosemite Sierra Artists and welcomes all interested  to “Come Make Art with Us!” Gina has a gallery at Oakhurst Spirits Distillery which is open Fri & Sat 2-7 and Sunday 12-5 pm. She’ll also be showing her art there during Sierra Art Trails the first two weekends of October.



Cathy Desch, member of the Yosemite Sierra Artists, was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  She and her husband moved to Coarsegold 14 years ago.  She worked as an RN in local hospitals for 30 years.  When she retired, Cathy joined the Yosemite Sierra Artistrs where she made a whole new set of friends.
Cathy started donating paintings to Valley Children's Hospital for the children, and has to date donated 24 paintings.  "I paint about 4 hours every day, and my favorite place to paint is Wawona in Yosemite.



Jan Neal will also be representing Yosemite Sierra Artists at the Art, Wine & Wheels Festival on May 28th from 11 am-5pm.



Mariposa artist Vicki D. Thomas, a watercolor artist, has included acrylic paintings in her collection. She loves the versatility of acrylics and their lush, creamy colors, and is especially pleased with her landscapes and floral paintings. 
Vicki will share copies of her two published books with you. The first title is The Long Dark Cloak, a young adult fantasy. Book 2, released at the end of March is The Golden Lantern. 

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The MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS GALLERY is a collective of local artists numbering about 25 members.  We have been alive and well in Mariposa for more than fifty years.  We will show representatives of our members’ work in oil paint, acrylic, print, photography and ceramics, as well as small reproductions of paintings finely displayed for reasonable prices.  We also have beautiful beaded images and multi-mediums of two dimensional works.  The gallery features an excellent survey of hand-made cards and small prints.  Many of the works capture the grandeur of Yosemite, the history of Mariposa, lots of animals that thrive in our mountains and, of course, cowboys!
These artists will be presenting their art to you at the Festival.  Please stop by booths 19 and 20 to see Melinda Abeles, Linda Casey, Diane Erwin, Barbara Liss, Elizabeth Saltos and Jody Sergienko!


Melinda Abeles of the MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTSTS is a bead embroidery artist, specializing in landscapes and all things of nature.  She also works in pastels.



Linda Casey of the MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS paints with oils. She loves Yosemite places, flowers and cartoon cats.   Self taught, Linda has been painting for about 50 years.



Diane Erwin of Palo Alto studied math at UC San Diego and was a senior systems analyst in Maryland until 1914.  She moved to Mariposa and is part of the MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS. When you visit Booths 19-20, ask her about the Backcountry Babes.



Barbara Liss is Blissful Art.  “I’ve been an artist all of my life and love working in a variety of media.  I do portraiture and plein air, along with a variety of indoor subjects and beadwork.  Now living close to Yosemite, I find it offers untolled opportunities for growth."  She, too, is a member of MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS and YOSEMITE SIERRA ARTISTS.



Elizabeth Saltos, a working artist in California for more than forty years, is a member of MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS.  “My career spans several styles and mediums.  I began with large- scale Public Art installations of metal.  
Today my imagery is inspired by my re-location to the Yosemite area of California.  



Jody Sergienko is an experimental mixed media artist, using mainly acrylic paint and repurposed materials. "I have only been actively painting for a few years and just joined the MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS gallery last fall."

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Community Arts Booth

Did you know that this year the MARIPOSA SIERRA ARTISTS are having a "Community Arts" booth for you and children to try your hand at art?  Elizabeth Saltos has prepared three different activities for children, especially, to try.  Maybe for children-at-heart, too.
One of these is Tesselations, which Elizabeth used to teach to all grades, simple to complex.  The artists who will teach in this booth are Chris Allen, Elizabeth Saltos, Jody Sergienko and Melinda Abeles

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